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#1 Self Watering Planters for Farming and Gardening

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Our Self Watering Planters can grow almost anything. You do not need a massive plot of land or an expensive greenhouse to enjoy your plants. Our technology ensures that your plants grow faster, reach maturity quicker, look aesthetically pleasing, and produce more growth per square foot than traditional planters. All you do is add dirt; seeds or seedlings adjust the water flow and enjoy the beautiful foliage.

Each complete kit contains Self-Growing Planters and accessories to start growing your plants immediately.  Our self-growing planters do a great job of providing texture and color to your living space. Pairing plants with the right planter will enhance their health and illuminate and accent your decor.

Torpedo Pot Self Watering Planters

Will make more efficient use of household spaces: backyards, patios, walls, rooftops, basements, window- sills, and indoor areas. The Torpedo Pot Self Watering Planters can also accommodate large farming initiatives and provide substantial profit incentives for mass food production. 

Self-growing Planters

Conventional watering kills plants because most watering schedules are driven by the growers’ time, resources, need for profit, and other deadlines. This schedule always benefits the grower, not the plant. Plants do not want to be watered on a schedule; they want continual access to moisture. There is a difference between immersing a plant’s root system in water (hydroponics), placing them near a stream of water (spillway), metering water (drip irrigation), and giving them access to moisture (Torpedo Pot Self Watering Planters). Torpedo Pot Self Watering Planters revolutionizes watering because it allows you to give plants access to moisture when they need it and not based on a schedule.  

Our self-growing planters create an environment that allows plants to achieve their full potential. Torpedo Pot Self Watering Planters optimizes the conditions in which plants can achieve their full potential. Torpedo Pot Self Watering Planters is scientifically designed to grow your plants! 

The Benefits are Staggering! No added fertilizers

  •  Vertical Growing: Grows more vertically than traditional farming or hydroponics.
  •  Fully Automated: Requires minimal human intervention.
  •  Mobile: Torpedo Pot Self Watering Planters are garden Lego kits that erects into a large farm.
  •  Capital investments: No machinery or tools are required, and setup is easy
  •  Growth: Consistent feeding allows plants to grow fuller and reach maturity quicker
  •  Organic: Grow crops organically using your mix of fertilizers
  •  Pest: Blocks entry from rodents and other pests.
  •  Germination: Germinates seeds and manages plants throughout their full life-cycle
  •  Maintenance: Requires less than four hours of monitoring per growing season.
  •  Resources: Uses less space, water, fertilizers, fungicides, pesticides, herbicides, and more.
  •  Weeding: Virtually no weeding


Your Torpedo Pot Self Watering Planters will germinate your seeds. Many garden seeds die before they can grow. Moisture availability in soil is the single major factor determining the rate of germination. Germination occurs if the soil moisture content is one and a half times above what a typical mature plant requires. If sufficient moisture is available, germination can proceed. 


However, for most common garden seeds. If the soil dries out within four days after germination, the germination process is halted. It most likely can resume after re-wetting from the point where it stopped. If drying out occurs four or more days after the onset of germination, the germinating seeds’ deterioration occurs. If the dry conditions persist for more than six days, the seeds are assumed dead, and there will be no crop established from that seed. 


Soil Content and Water Uptake

Plants can readily use water held in the soil. Water uptake is related to root density. Over half of the total water uptake occurs from the first 0.3 m (1ft) of soil. Water use ranges can increase to as much as 70% during the early stages of growth to the bloom stages. The Torpedo Pot Self Watering Planters rinses the roots. The water in the vertical planters rinses the plant’s roots so that they can quickly absorb water without drowning. As the water moves down the Vertical Torpedo, it forces the roots to push downward to reach vast amounts of water in the soil’s pores, thus promoting plant growth. 


The rates at which water penetrates and is absorbed by the soil depend mainly on soil texture. Sandy soil has large pore spaces through which water will move quickly and efficiently; clay soils have smaller pore spaces, causing water to move more slowly. We recommend a mixture of 85% mushroom soil mixed with store-bought starter soil. The starter mix will provide nutrients for your seedlings after germination, and the mushroom soil will give a long-term food supply for promoting bioactivity and supporting root development.