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Turn Growing Fruits and Vegetables Into a Simple Task!

Make growing fruits, vegetables and flowers easy with our Self Watering Planters. It works like a mini-farm and effortlessly grows your seeds and seedlings into high yielding blooms and harvests.  Take the stress out of growing and make sure you never miss a bountiful season again!

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You do not need a massive plot of land or an expensive greenhouse to grow fruits, vegetables or flowers!



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This is the future

“In my belief you change your diet you change the way you think My goal is to inspire other people to grow their own food Cheaply, economically, in their house so they don’t have to be dependent on anybody This product here is doing it. Thank you!” *

It Makes Sense

“It gives the average person right in the palm of their hand the ability to become the farmer. I want to see the vegetation but I don’t like to work on it. ” *

Mrs. Abdullah

Easily Grow Fruits and Vegetables

Tons of Opportunites

Easily Grow Flowers

Happy Gardeners and Farmers


Grow Your Garden or Farm Like Never Before!

Discover How to Naturally Grow Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers and All Plants Without Any Chemicals or Fear.

Self Watering Planters


It is a sad day when you plant something and nurture it

To see it never grow quite like you expected, if it even grows at all. 

It feels as if you are the only one in the world who struggles with with growing vegetation

But, there’s a little know fact.

Most people think that they are the reason that plants either grow or they don’t. 


Here’s the real deal!

It’s the soil…IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!


If the soil isn’t protected and allowed to nourish your plants properly then they will never grow the way you see the plants grow to the left of this note. 

Not being sure how to grow is a thing of the past. 

NEVER BEFORE  has there been a product like ours that allows the plant to grow in its own “Biotic” environment with little intervention from anyone. 

Our SELF WATERING PLANTERS have been designed from the ground up to provide water directly to the soil that nourishes the roots instead of the top soil. 

You see, most drip irrigation systems treat the top soil first, thus providing an environment for fungi and other harmful organisms to grow alongside your plant.

Our revolutionary and patented technology was constructed to feed the soil at the base, where soil supplies the most nutrients to the root system

Listen, not only is our system designed to provide a perfect biotic environment at the root system but it also provides irrigation using our proprietary pulse system. Our system only requires for a one time set it and forget it setting that is timed for perfect moisture. 

Never before has any product done this!

The end result is a system that can grow fruits, vegetables and flowers at an enormous speed, 365 days per year, without the intervention of any form of chemicals!


This system is GUARANTEED to give you the green thumb you always know you had. 


If you ever struggled with consistently growing your plants, vegetables, fruits or flowers to their fullest potential, now is the time to act!


We believe that our self watering planters are the best self watering planters on the market. 

The evidence speaks for itself!

The Best Gift For Those Growing Their Own Fruits, Vegetables and Flowers

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Beginner’s Yield

Bundle of 2 Self Growing Planters
$ 109
  • 2 PLANTERS – 9inch & 12inch
  • Automated Watering Timer
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Gardener’s Yield*

Bundle of 3 Self Growing Planters
$ 203
  • 3 PLANTERS -12inch, 16inch & 20inch
  • Bonus: 9inch Self Growing Planter
  • Automated Watering Timer
  • Free Shipping
  • Gardening/Harvesting Gloves
  • 35% OFF
  • Extra 10% OFF at Checkout

High Yield**

Bundle of 4 Self Growing Planters
$ 291
  • 4 Planters – 12inch, 16inch, 20inch & 25inch
  • Bonus: 9inch Self Growing Planter
  • Automated Watering Timer
  • Free Shipping
  • Gardening/Harvesting Gloves
  • 35% Off
  • Extra 10% OFF at Checkout

Why do professional and amateur growers buy The Self Growing Planters?


All products ship from the United States. We do our best to cut down delivery times so you can enjoy your products as soon as possible. Customers can expect their bag between 5-15 Business days after ordering..

9 Reasons to go the Self Watering Planter’s route..

Reason #1: Grow Your Own Food Easily

Easy to setup and uses for gardening fruits, vegetables and flowers

Reason #2: Germinates Seeds Automatically

Quick way to start the seedling for planting throughout larger property

Reason #3: Grows Plants with Little Effort

This technology allows the plant to grow with very little human intervention

Reason #4: Creates Perfect Environment

The plant uses the biotic environment from the soil instead of chemical compounds

Reason #5: Energy Saving System

The energy used is reduced because the system only uses what’s needed

Reason #6: Uses One-Tenth The Water

The system uses an automated timing system to provide the correct amount of water

Reason #7: Never Worry About Wasted Water

The reduction of wasted water due to a timed system eliminates the worry for wasted water

Reason #8: Budget Friendly System

The reductions of resources used allows growing a large amount of crops with very little money

Reason #9: Gives a Healthy Lifestyle

Eating what you grow without the fear of added carcinogens and bio-chemical ingestion


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Self Watering Planters Torpedo Series

Pesticide Free. Chemical Fertilizer Free. ALL NATURAL GROWTH.

Meet the People Who Got Incredible Results

Real Results from Our Satisfied Customers Around The Globe

“I think This is beautiful!”

“The irrigation system was really great because you don’t have the plants dry out. It was a huge improvement. It made the whole area beautiful!!”

– Devin

“So Grateful For This!”

“I bought this plant a month ago from the supermarket and look how big it grows!!”

– Mr Consultant

“I’ve never seen anything like this before!”

“I am an executive in the food industry. Growing in your back yard you can come right out pick it and add it right to your dish.You don’t have to worry about it being flown in from somewhere. You can grow it right in your own yard.”

– Erica L.


The Best Part is The Setup. It’s as Easy as One-Two-Three!

Step 1: Just Add Soil To the Pot

We’ve learned how to allow soil to nourish the plant naturally. It’s actually the soil that evolves in the pot that actually allows the vegetables to grow.

Step 2: Add Your Seeds or Seedlings to The Soil

Not overcomplicating the process is the key. Add the seeds or seedlings to soil and let the pot do what it’s made for which is grow your food.

Step 3: Harvest Your Largest Crop Yield to Date!

Turn on the automated timer and sit back and let your vegetation grow to bloom and harvest as you would like. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less.

BELIEVE THE HYPE. It’s Real Deal!!!

Cant wait to add to our collection.

Anthony M.
So you know You can Grow

The 9 inch planter will be the perfect gift for a child to encourage them in horticulture!! Thank you so much for the ease!

Audare P.
Ease of setup and use

The setup took less than twenty minutes. The plants will bloom within days once you get the proper water flow to ensure that you are not wasting water. Once the seedlings catch it’s off to the races especially regarding herbs and vegetables.

Darius H.

Our Guarantee To You: We have worked tirelessly to bring you a range that is all natural and organic. We’re pretty sure you’re going to fall in love with our beautiful products. But in case you’re not completely satisfied with our product, you can ask for a 100% refund on your purchase. This puts the pressure on us to ensure that we deliver the best possible products and results to you. We want your experience with BeeHive to be the best. So go ahead and shop with confidence!


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Even though you will grow like a professional gardener/farmer you may certainly grow use this as a beginner. We have easy to follow video and written instructions to get you on your best growth season ever!

Assembly is very easy and takes less than 15 minutes to setup, including the automatic watering timer. We include setup instructions and have a video for reference purposes.

While there is a small amount of human “intervention” with the timer and connecting the hose, it is mostly hands off growing for those who would like to “Set it and Forget it”. If you would like to have more hands-on with soil these planters are perfect for giving your  a great head start in the entire germination and seedling process. Otherwise, you may set it up, turn on the automated timer, and get ready for your greatest growing season ever!

Nope! You will need less than 4 hours of of maintenance per growing season per setup, which may be one planter or a string of planters.

This is perfect for you too because you are now able to start the growing process with the pots then transfer them to your favorite locations in the garden. The difference here is that you will give your seeds and seedlings a fighting chance to bloom faster as they become stronger at their early stages.

Yes! Because our Self Growing Planters use an automated watering system and produce a biotic environment it gives sick plants the nourishment they may need to regain their growth patterns.

Yes! We provide a 30 day, no questions asked, hassle free, money back guarantee. 

The automated watering system works great for dry places as well as places that are cold because our specially designed system is made to consistently provide nourishment and protection at the roots. That way, nothing outside of that will be damaging.

Expect your planters anywhere from 5 to 15 Business Days after your order is processed.

Ready to go chemical-free and grow all Natural?

We are on a mission to help individuals live the healthy life they desire. We decided to focus on products without chemicals and artificial additives after seeing the effects on bodies around the world. We’re committed to help you live a healthy lifestyle.

*Denotes Gardener Bundle
**Denotes High Yield Bundle